Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Tate Modern Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Tate Modern - Essay Example With the advent of technology it has entered the virtual world of internet and is working as a successful organization for the benefit of art and artists who are able to met their most potential buyers Rockefeller to Mittal who, consequently were the noted patron of the establishment. In general sense it could be stated that this establishment values customers who are educated and connoisseur of art. (Lamb, 2004) Louis Lozowick, Duchamp, Jackson Pollock, Myron Krueger, Anja Kroencke and ceramic artists like Peter Voulkos, Paul Soldner, Robert Arneson, Viola Frey and Bennet Bean are the most popular artists at Tate Moder. Among these noted artists Anja Kroencke holds a favorite position as this magnificent illustrator renowned for her outstanding fashion illustrations or more better said lifestyle illustrations. Her contribution in her field is commendable and her work includes the most identifiable masterpieces of illustrations. Anja Kroencke is well known for her distinct haughty women characters. The body proportion, body movement, faces, hands and feet, poses of the characters and the backgrounds in her drawings reflect high class, high profile modern society. Her characters (mostly women) are elegant, stylish and fashion trendy as seen from her drawings. The sophistication and the elegance of her lines and the zing in her works of art have given Anja Kroencke a distinct and remarkable po sition in the field of illustration. Her drawings are incredibly pure, playing with measured degree of black & white and color producing visible contrasts between wide stretches of pure white and vast regions of velvety shadows. (King, 2006) It should be stated that Jackson Pollock's Convergence is one noted favorite in this context. The most important point to be noted in this respect is the amount of energy that is reflected within the parameter of this 95" x 155" inch canvas. (Samuel, 1999) To ascertain a piece of canvas to be judged as a work of art it is necessary to evoke a certain feeling within the viewers. There is no grammar involved in this part; no mathematics is needed; only the artistic sense is operational in this context from the part of the viewer. The interpretation may vary but the theme that evoked the interpretation of the viewer is all that is important to certify a painting as Art. In this context too Jackson Pollock's Convergence comes out with flying colors. (Mitra, 1985) American ceramic artist Bennett Bean lives and works in Blairstown, NJ. Bean is primarily a studio potter but is also an equally good sculptor and painter. His trademark creations include pale pit-fired pots and vessels such as bowls and teapots. Bean has confessed to having been influenced by a range of ceramic art including Japanese pottery, English pottery (such as those by Bernard Leach) Native and Modern American pottery (such as those by George Ohr). Bean is also in the habit of using other beautifying techniques such as gilding and glazing on his pots, only instead of serving as decorative measures these methods help Bean in creating the kind of space and surface he is known for. The patterns he uses comes from a collection he has built up over 20 years, many of them are influenced by the

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