Monday, September 9, 2019

Competitor Analysis and the Development of a Brand Assignment

Competitor Analysis and the Development of a Brand - Assignment Example ishwasher was widely accepted by the market with the result that Fairy could make way to launch further of its brand extensions which it did in the coming years. Fairy’s innovation appealed to the masses and its performance became anonymous with combating stubborn and burnt stains the best way (Datamonitor, 2011);, 2011; The promotions of the brand were strongly backed by Above the Line advertisements with celebrity endorsements to establish strong brand equity. As the brand moved into the future to meet the changing consumer tastes and preferences accordingly, Fairy’s packaging was changed to a transparent bottle which was easier to handle. After a massive success, Fairy Liquid was launched with a lemon scent. This was followed by Fairy non-bio laundry product for sensitive skin, anti-bacterial Fairy Liquid, Fairy Powerspray for tough burnt on stains. With these brand extensions, Fairy could cash in the revenue from every possible segment and sub-segment of liquid cleansers (Datamonitor Research Store. 2011); Datamonitor, 2011;, 2011; Fairy had and still has the advantage of a long-established equity along with a strong brand image with which it can tap into all the possible markets successfully through its brand extensions. Fairy currently operates in a mature market the product lifecycle of which has predominantly been extended by creating sub-segments of the dishwasher and sink sectors. Fairy has a whopping share of 57% in the sink washing sector and is second to Finish in the dishwasher category (, Datamonitor, 2011). The launching of Fairy Active Burst and Active Powder Burst marks Fairy’s presence in both the categories of sink and dishwasher category. The brand extensions of Fairy Powerspray and Fairy Active Foam however can be considered as the most selling brand extensions. Following these developments, Fairy Active Foam was voted as the product of the year by the shoppers

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