Sunday, November 3, 2019

Personal Media Inventory Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Personal Media Inventory - Essay Example As the research declares television images are reproduced on screens which can either be colored or limited to black and white. Televisions have the ability to receive signals and reproduce them on screens. With technology, it is possible to have televisions which can stream media content without relying on the analogue signals used in the past. News and occurrences across the country and beyond are relayed through the television. One can also use a television to watch movies which are informative and entertaining. According to the report findings a newspaper is a printed publication which contains news, advertisements and other information that the producers considers important to reach the readers. Newspapers are better sources of information compared to television since one can keep the newspaper as a reference to a certain piece of information. They are both informative and entertaining. Magazines are closely related to newspapers. However, they are periodical publications which contains articles from various individuals on different topics. Whereas newspapers cover the contemporary issues in the society, magazines are more specific and dwell on a smaller niche of information. They cover a particular topic or area of interest. The internet is a global communication network that allows computers, phones, and other devices to communicate, connect and exchange information. It has taken over the entertainment and information industry considering that most people own cellular phones which can ac cess it.

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